Have Your Say

Have Your Say Survey FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions from Students, Parents/Guardians and Staff.

Who should complete the Have Your Say survey?

A unique survey has been created for students, parents/guardians and staff. This is an opportunity for everyone to have their say!

What is the Multi-Year Plan?

The Multi-Year Plan 2020-2024 is a blueprint that will guide our actions toward collective improvement over four years. The plan has specific targets for the Board to achieve.

Where/When will the results of the Have Your Say survey be posted?

The results of the survey will be posted on this site in the fall.

Why should I take the time to do this survey?

This survey is a chance to have your say about issues that will directly impact you in the coming years.

How long will the survey take to complete?

Approximately 10-15 minutes. If you get interrupted while completing the survey, the system allows you to take a break and pick-up from where you left off.

How many questions does the survey consist of?

The number of questions in each survey varies depending on if you are a student, parent/guardian, or staff member.

How will this survey make a difference?

We need your help to guide meaningful change in order to improve how we function as an organization so that we can improve student learning, growth and success in the coming years.

Are the responses anonymous and who will have access to the responses?

Only staff within the HDSB Research Department will have access to the survey responses. For staff, parents/guardians, the responses are anonymous. For students, the responses will be linked to the student number in order to monitor the efficacy of HDSB’s programs. For all stakeholders, findings will be reported back in large group format so that no individual or small group of individuals can be identified.

Is this survey different from others I may have completed from the Halton District School Board?

Yes. Some of the questions in the survey(s) cover issues that we have not asked you about previously.

Should parents/guardians complete one survey per child?

Yes, parents/guardians are encouraged to complete one survey per child.

Can I view a copy of the Have Your Say survey questions before I, or my child, complete the survey?

What do I do if I didn’t receive the email with the link to complete the survey?

All students and staff will receive an email through their HDSB email account with a link to complete the survey. Parents/guardians will receive a link to complete the survey through SchoolMessenger. If you did not receive the email, please check your spam or junk folder first and then email (students and parents/guardians) or (staff).

Note for staff: If a student has not received an email invitation to complete the survey and it is not in their Spam folder, please complete this form to request an email be resent to the student.

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