Have Your Say


You are why we are here! Your well-being, academic development and the quality of the
education you receive are our top priorities.

Survey Open from March 28 - April 25.
Students will receive a link to access the survey through their HDSB email, inviting them to complete the survey during the school day.

Your Opinion Matters – This survey has been designed specifically for you so that we can hear your ideas and use them to help us make important decisions that support your future goals.

It’s all about you, our students! We want to keep learning about you, how you learn and what matters to you the most when you’re at school.

The information that you share will help us identify opportunities to improve our schools and make sure that students’ achievement and well-being are at the centre of everything we do.

The responses you provide will be shared with the HDSB in a completely confidential way, based on the overall results gathered.

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